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33601. Two-story building with two chimneys

33603. Two-story brick building with chimney shaft

33605. Two-story house and single story G.F. Smothers grocery store

33609. Large stone two-story house in an open area

33611. Carle house and store exterior, Castroville, Texas

33612. Stone building with two-story and single story sections and with street lamp in front

33615. Corner perspective of a single story house with two chimneys

33616. Corner perspective of two-story house with brick chimney, wood siding, and water tank

33618. House with columned porch and large tree in the front yard

33621. An elevated stone house with a shingled roof

33623. Two-story wood and brick house with deep porch

33624. A series of buildings

33625. Corner perspective of single story house with shutters, picket fence, and utility pole

33626. Corner perspective of two-story house with brick chimney, shutters, and picket fence

33627. French Legation, Austin, Texas, obscured by trees

33634. Single story house made up of long, porched building and adjacent stone building with corrugated roof

33635. Single story home with a roof dormer, brick chimney, clapboard siding, front porch, and wooden front steps

33637. Brick house with two windows on the side wall

33643. Closeup of old stool and sausage grinder, old Boehle house

33646. Single story house with columned porch

33647. Single story house with chimney

33648. Brick house

33650. Street view of 3 structures

33651. Single story home with clapboard siding, front porch with balustrade, and picket fence

33653. Close up photograph of the corner of a chimney

33654. Close up of white wooden house

33659. Detail of stone floor

33661. Close shot of distinguished home's front portico, with double doors, fine molding, and thick columns

33662. Close-up view of a single window on the side of a brick house

33664. Stone or concrete building with two windows

33665. Single story stone home with stone chimney

33667. Stone church

33670. Two-story clapboard house with brick chimney, front portico, and low hedge in foreground

33674. Two-story hotel connected to a house

33677. Side profile of brick and wood house

33679. Two-story stone building with an arched entryway

33681. Corner perspective of single story house

33682. Corner perspective of large two-story house

33683. Two-story building mostly obscured by trees

33684. Corner perspective of single story house

33685. Two-story house with possible English basement and second floor portico accessed by exterior staircases

33687. Partial view of two-story brick house

33688. Partial view of porch with heavy vegetation

33695. Two-story addition to single story hotel

33698. Single story stone house with two chimneys

33699. Single story stone house with four chimneys