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2. Carnegie Library (Dallas, Tex.): first floor plan

3. Carnegie Library (San Antonio, Tex.): detail of front

5. Carnegie Library (Dallas, Tex.): exterior perspective

7. Carnegie Library (San Antonio, Tex.): section

10. Carnegie Library (San Antonio, Tex.): side elevation

18. Vicksburg City Hall: section

19. Oceanside Civic Center: wireframe perspective with palm trees

20. Administration Building, State Teacher's College (Denton, Tex.): detailed view of front entrance, corner perspective

23. Commercial Building

24. Commercial Building

25. Commercial Building

33. Commercial building

34. Commercial building

35. Liberty Lounge

71. Southern Honshu, 1:50,000. Series L775. [Index Map]

86. Southern Asia 1:2,000,000. [Singapore]

87. Southern Asia 1:2,000,000. [Yunnan]

88. Southern Asia 1:2,000,000. [Thailand]

89. Southern Asia 1:2,000,000. [Rangoon]