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1. Dilapidated building in San Ygnacio, Texas

2. Cathedral in Toledo, Spain [frame 1376]

6. Building on Obregon Street [frame 7585]

7. Building on Obregon Street [frame 7601]

8. Casa Flores [frame 7880]

9. Beauvais Cathedral, south door

10. Jesús Treviño house

11. Jose Ramírez house

12. Jesús Treviño house

13. Jesús Treviño house

14. Flatlands in Roma, Texas

17. Hotel Flores [frame 7873]

18. Eugene George at Falcon Reservoir

19. Two-story building with columns

23. Old Vance house: outdoor staircase leading down

24. Corner perspective of two-story building with columns

25. Two-story brick house with wooden fence

26. Corner perspective of buildings along river

27. Display of wood and metal tools

28. Two-story wood and stone house

33. Two-story wood and stone house

34. Two wooden chairs in Pioneer Museum

35. Side view of stone home with two stone chimneys

36. Single story stone house with two chimneys

37. Old German School: stone two-story building

38. Old German School: stone two-story home

39. Corner anger of the side of Mission San Jose

40. exterior shot of a garden path

41. Front view of wooden two story home

42. Deutsche Vereins Kirche: postcard of image on the wall

43. Old Vance house: view of stucco covered home

44. Close up view of a stone church steeple

45. Interior shot of drawing on the wall

46. Plastered single story building with a faded advertisement on the side of the building and a marker partially reading \La Esperanza\ before being obscured by tree branches; a wagon is parked by the building

49. Multi-story stone building with tower

50. Multi-story stone building with tower