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2. Austin Area Bicycle System, Interim Report

4. The climate for renewal in Austin, Texas: a sociological investigation of attitudes toward urban renewal and community development

5. Comprehensive plan report, Minooka, Illinois

8. Irving, comprehensive development plan: reports on the central business district, civic center, parking requirements, and public facilities 

9. Specifications for a Building for the Department of Architecture, University of Texas

11. Housing in metropolitan Washington: today and tomorrow

12. Areawide industrial site survey and analysis: Coastal Area Planning and Development Commission

13. Bradley County historic site survey

14. Analysis of alternatives for an Oklahoma land use information system

15. Abbeville County development plan

17. Buffalo Trace: update of comprehensive water-sewer plan

18. Bedford city plan, 1971-1991

19. 1973 Chatham County Savannah continuing planning report

21. A plan for water & sewer, 1973-1985

22. A-95 project notification and review

23. 3 year program design - Lower Savannah region

24. Whitesboro city plan, 1973-1993

25. Southlake city plan

28. Project notification and review system for local governments and project applicants in the Coastal Bend region who wish to apply for federal and state assistance

30. City government-wide cost allocation plan for the year ended July 31, 1972

34. The University of Texas at Austin Campus Master Plan

35. A comprehensive development plan, Ontario County, New York Progress report

36. A comprehensive development plan, Seneca County, N.Y.

37. A Summary report on housing, phase I, for East Peoria, Illinois

38. A citizens' participation program for East Peoria, Illinois

39. A comprehensive development plan, Orleans County, N.Y.

40. A land use plan design model. Vol. 1, Model development

41. A management study for water and sewer utilities in the Bluegrass ADD

43. A lecture on national defence, by steam power, delivered by Major General Gaines, before the Saint Louis Mechanics' Institute, November 17th, 1840 ; and also, the address of Mrs. Gaines, on the horrors of war, delivered on the same occasion

50. The lives of Hon. Horatio Seymour and Gen. Francis P. Blair, Jr., Democratic candidates for president and vice-president of the United States : containing a summary of the proceedings of the National Democratic Convention, convened at Tammany Hall, N.Y., July 4, 1868