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3. "Major Littlefield Lends a Hand"

5. "Opening of the Wrenn Library"

6. "Opening of the Wrenn Library"

10. 124th Cavalry Interview with Alfonso Rodriguez and Pictures

11. 124th Cavalry Interview with Robert Camina and Pictures

12. 124th Cavalry Interview with William Mcquine

13. 1933 University of Texas Perspective for Future Development

15. 1973 Chatham County Savannah continuing planning report

16. 1:500,000 Africa (Air). [Alger, Sheet NE 36/0]

17. 1:500,000 Africa (Air). [Biskra, Sheet NE 34/4]

20. 1:500,000 Africa (Air). [Index Map]

22. 1:500,000 Africa (Air). [Mascara, Sheet NE 34/0]

23. 1:500,000 Africa (Air). [Meknes, Sheet NW 32/6]

24. 1:500,000 Africa (Air). [Oran, Sheet NW 34/4]

25. 1:500,000 Africa (Air). [Sfax, Sheet NE 34/8]

26. 1:500,000 Africa (Air). [Tangier, Sheet NW 34/8]

27. 1:500,000 Africa (Air). [Tunis, Sheet NE 36/8]

28. 3 year program design - Lower Savannah region

37. A Message to Graduates by Texas Southmost College Distinguished Alumnus Américo Paredes, 1995

38. A Summary report on housing, phase I, for East Peoria, Illinois

41. A citizens' participation program for East Peoria, Illinois

43. A comprehensive development plan, Ontario County, New York Progress report

44. A comprehensive development plan, Orleans County, N.Y.

45. A comprehensive development plan, Seneca County, N.Y.

52. A land use plan design model. Vol. 1, Model development

53. A lecture on national defence, by steam power, delivered by Major General Gaines, before the Saint Louis Mechanics' Institute, November 17th, 1840 ; and also, the address of Mrs. Gaines, on the horrors of war, delivered on the same occasion