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18. Great Britain Ministry of Information: Daily Press Notices and Bulletins:1940-06-06

21. Electric railway progress and the growing influence of the association

22. Greater Russia

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51. Communism and the Railways

52. The Textile Trades and Socialism

54. The Truth About the Paris Commune

56. Socialism: An Actual Experiment

58. Should Socialists Support the Federal Union?

59. What the I.L.P. Stands For

61. Socialism and Religion

62. Where Socialism Has Failed (24 Examples)

64. The Crisis of Liberty

66. Socialism in Practice: Failure in an American City

68. Forms of Public Control

69. The Economics of Socialism

71. The Socialist Party, Its Principles and Policy

72. Forward to Socialism

73. Family Allowances: A Socialist Analysis

74. Socialism and Character

75. Prospect and Retrospect

78. Nationalisation or Socialism?

79. Communism and Cotton

83. Socialism and the United Free Church of Scotland

84. The State Regulation of Wages

85. British Socialism is Destroying British Freedom

88. Questions of the Day

90. Great Britain Ministry of Information: Daily Press Notices and Bulletins: 1939-10-06

97. Portrait of Omer Pasha (1806-1871)

98. Portrait of Alighieri, Dante (1265-1321)

99. Portrait of Augustine, Saint (354-430)