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1. Old Boehle house, Quihi, Texas

3. Front view of two-story stone home

4. Close up photograph of the corner of a chimney

5. Wood table stacked with memorabilia

6. Knopp house: building made of mixed materials

12. Detail of cracked stone door step with shoe scraper and ruler, old Metzger home, Quihi

15. corner perspective of two-story stone home

17. Detail of stone floor

18. same church steeple as 607 from side angle

22. Wood frame single bed in corner of room

26. Remains of a building

27. Full shot of interior door with child's rocking chair and oriental rug, old Lewis Town house, near Cherry Spring, Texas

28. Closeup of old stool and sausage grinder, old Boehle house

30. Close-up view of an iron sausage grinder resting on a wooden log, old Boehme home, Rio Medina

31. Side view from the porch of a wood house

32. Corner of a room focused on a wardrobe

33. Two-story stone house

34. Two-story house with two roof dormers

42. Verso of photgraph 957a

43. Wooden chair and table in front of paneled wall

44. Ostrow Hotel: postcard

45. The image focus is on a church building

48. Corner perspective of abandoned two story home

49. Single story house with two brick chimneys

53. Single story wood frame church: entrance detail

56. Two-story house with bottom and top porches

57. Wood rat trap

59. Col. Stephen Blount house (San Augustine, Tex.)

60. Col. Stephen Blount house (San Augustine, Tex.)

62. Col. Stephen Blount house (San Augustine, Tex.)

64. Col. Stephen Blount house (San Augustine, Tex.)

65. Col. Stephen Blount house (San Augustine, Tex.)

69. Single story home with a roof dormer, brick chimney, clapboard siding, front porch, and wooden front steps

71. Close shot of distinguished home's front portico, with double doors, fine molding, and thick columns

73. Matthew Cartwright house (San Augustine, Tex.)

74. Two-story hotel connected to a house

75. Two-story house with possible English basement and second floor portico accessed by exterior staircases

76. Top-down Model T with female passenger, posed in front of two-story house

84. Two-story plastered brick building

89. Single story wood house showing two chimneys

91. Single story brick house with front portico, brick window arches, and capped fence posts

97. Single story mission style church

99. Single story house made up of long, porched building and adjacent stone building with corrugated roof

100. Close-up view of a single window on the side of a brick house