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1. Catalogue de tableaux anciens et modernes, des écoles d'Italie, des Pays-Bas et de France, dessins encadrés, estampes en feuilles et en recueils, table en mosaïque, platres d'ateliers, tabatières précieuses, miniatures et émaux peints par feu M. Augustin; le tout provenant de son cabinet

2. A lecture on national defence, by steam power, delivered by Major General Gaines, before the Saint Louis Mechanics' Institute, November 17th, 1840 ; and also, the address of Mrs. Gaines, on the horrors of war, delivered on the same occasion

7. Tselav : sipur

10. The lives of Hon. Horatio Seymour and Gen. Francis P. Blair, Jr., Democratic candidates for president and vice-president of the United States : containing a summary of the proceedings of the National Democratic Convention, convened at Tammany Hall, N.Y., July 4, 1868