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1. Leon County Courthouse

2. Gresham residence (Galveston, Tex.): details

3. Gresham residence (Galveston, Tex.): keystone

5. Riverside Swing Bridge (Riverside, Tex.)

8. Perry Mansion (Terlingua, Tex.)

9. Perry Mansion (Terlingua, Tex.)

10. Perry Mansion (Terlingua, Tex.)

11. Perry Mansion (Terlingua, Tex.)

12. Terlingua Trading Company (Terlingua, Tex.)

13. Federal Life Insurance Co. Building: basement plan

19. William Gardner house, Austin, Texas

20. Old Boehle house, Quihi, Texas

27. Single story stone building with awning and sign

32. Single story house with a porch and two front doors

44. Single story house with a covered porch and a chimney

47. Carle house and store exterior, Castroville, Texas

51. French Legation, Austin, Texas, obscured by trees

67. Single story brick house or building in disrepair

72. Small wooden shack with exterior stone chimney

75. House with Dutch gable roof, chimney, and picket fence

77. Single story house and horse-drawn wagon with figure

78. Neill-Cochran House, Austin, Texas, front portico

82. Formerly the Stagecoach Inn, Independence, Texas